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In real life, what are the main packaging materials and packaging forms

The packaging materials commonly used in life are:

Plastic packaging materials: sealing membrane shrink film plastic film wound film heat shrink film hollow plate pof shrinkage membrane CPP EPP

Paper packaging materials: packing paper honeycomb paper bag paper desiccant packaging paper honeycomb paperboard Kraft paper industrial paperboard honeycomb paper core

Composite flexible packaging materials: BOPP flexible packaging aluminum foil composite film vacuum aluminum coated paper composite film composite paper

Metal packing material: tinplate aluminum foil barrel hoop steel belt clasping bubble cover aluminum PTP aluminum foil aluminum plate steel buckle

Ceramic, glass, wood

Other packaging materials / accessories:

Bronzing material: bronzing material laser film, aluminum oxide, gold perm paper, gold film, hot stamping foil, color foil

Adhesive, coating: adhesive compound adhesive, starch adhesive, sealing agent, latex, resin, adhesive, compound adhesive, reinforcing agent, starch adhesive, sealing agent, latex, resin

Packaging aids: bottle cap glove machine die gasket handle gasket cover packing film

Common packaging products can be divided into:

1, packing box: carton, microtile, plywood, heavy tile, honeycomb board, display rack

2, packing box: color box, card paper box, micro-corrugated paper box

3, packing bag: plastic bag, plastic compound bag, monolayer plastic bag

4, packing bottle: plastic bottle, glass bottle, ordinary bottle, crystal bottle

5, package can: tin can, aluminum can, glass can, paper can

6, packing pipe: hose, compound hose, plastic hose, aluminium tube

7, other packaging containers: tray, paper label, paper compartment, tape, bottle seal, nozzle, metal cover, pump

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