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Composite plastic woven sack


Polypropylene, polyethylene resin as raw materials, extruded, stretch into flat silk, and then woven into plastic woven fabric as the basic material. A composite plastic woven bag for packing powdery (such as flour, starch) or granular solids (rice, beans, corn, seeds, feed, etc.) and flexible articles, made by the rolling process. (cloth / film composite is two-in-one, cloth / film / paper composite is three-in-one, sewn or glued into bag is called two-in-one bag and three-in-one bag respectively)

Our main products are PP&BOPP compound bags,Gusset Bopp & pp Compund Bag etc.

Product classification:

1.According to the composition of the main materials divided into polypropylene two-in-one bag, polypropylene three-in-one bag, polyethylene two-in-one bag, polyethylene three-in-one bag

2.According to the method of sewing, it can be divided into sewn bottom bags, pocket inserts, and glued sewing bags.

sewn bottom bagssewn gusset bottom bagspocket inserts glued sewing bags

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