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Modern commodity packaging has a variety of styles, colorful, not only the pursuit of practicality, commercial, its artistic nature can not be ignored. As the mainstream technology of packaging printing, gravure printing should also develop synchronously with packaging.


There are many kinds of plastic packaging bags, so the designers and manufacturers often ignore the way of making bags. The result is that although the design draft is exquisite, the finished product packaging is not satisfactory, and even become a waste product. Therefore, only on the basis of understanding the types of commonly used packaging products, can we give full play to the design ideas, put an end to the design works that do not conform to the bag making process, and design practical and perfect finished product packaging.

Plastic bags can be divided into three-sided seal, middle-bottom seal, three-dimensional middle-seal and four kinds of sheet material according to the way of making bags. The printing process should also be adjusted according to different ways of making bags.


Basis for color design and specification for colour use

Because plastic printing is different from paper printing, it is necessary to understand the color characteristics of plastic printing in front end design. First of all, to understand the process sheet, understand the customer's intention and color requirements, clear post-process printing requirements. To consider substrate and ink characteristics, printing ink printing color sequence for the first deep then shallow, surface printing ink first shallow and then deep.

About color processing, 1, line version

Printing plate according to the characteristics of gravure printing machine, generally no more than 6 colors, and try to use spot color, and should be matched with color, in order to facilitate printing color matching. A set of line version can be a variety of different collocation to form a series of products, design can first design a color matching scheme for users to choose. Because the line version has no hierarchy, color and color should be paid attention to the overlapping color treatment to meet the overprint requirements caused by the substrate expansion.

2, mesh adjustment edition

The mesh version has an extremely rich layer and a variety of colors, but no matter how complex the layers are, they are composed of four colors, green, magenta, yellow, and black (special cases require a spot color), and the image's tone levels are divided into highlights and dark tones. Intermediate 3

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